What does Issa Tribe 

have to offer?

Monthly Challenges & Meet Ups

The foundation of Issa Tribe has always been based off of two things. Operating outside of your comfort zone and bonding with other womenpreneurs.


The monthly challenges are designed to get you to think outside of the box and to stretch your ideas of what you think is possible for your business while the meet ups allow us to unburden our fears and frustrations with others who understand what we are going through, to gain insight from outside perspectives and to celebrate each other's journey to excellence.

Learning Corner

Each month tips, tricks, and ideas will be added to the community that supports that month's challenge. This area will supplement the monthly training, as well as be a reference for members to apply to their own businesses.  

Don't worry, we will keep the flow of information at a pace that will not overwhelm, but push you outside of your current comfort level.  The steps given are actionable and result-driven to make sure you are motivated.  All victories, no matter the size, are celebrated!

Elite members will have access to the current month and previous months content.  What this means is those who are Elite Members can reference any lesson and it's supporting content on-demand once we have moved on to the next month.

Tribe Trainings

We've got Industry experts who are excited about sharing their skills and pouring into our tribe. No two months are the same and these aren't your average video tutorials!  They are hosted by business owners who have walked their walk.  


Every month there will be a different expert giving their valuable insight on topics ranging from accounting to marketing and everything in between.  Make sure you're ready to catch all of the gems dropped in these trainings! 


Elite Members get access to archived vids, so replay whenever you need to brush up on the topic of your choice.

Member Directory

Want to share your business among our rapidly growing network?  Become a part of our member directory. For Elite Members this is free. We recognize the depth and diversity of businesses of our members and would like to showcase what you have to offer.  


Buying black is far more than a trend, it is vital to the financial power of our community.  Get your business listed in our directory so we can keep our coins in our own community.

Upgrade to Elite Membership

On the fence?  If you've read this far down sis, let's give you more reasons to upgrade.  First of all, jump.  You've decided to go all-in with starting a business and that alone is a radical step in the right direction.  


Upgrade to Elite Membership and give yourself more tools to bloom your business into your grand vision.  Get the support you need from your community and your own accountability coach who will give you the push that you will need to keep striving towards your goals.

More Elite Member Exclusives Include:

Being Featured in the Member Directory

Discounts on Her Hectic Life Merch, Services & Events

Quarterly In-Person Meet Ups

Access to Archived Lessons, Challenges, and Educational Content